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    Cable & Wire Equipment

    Our innovative (semi)automatic equipment is designed to help you to create a bigger productivity and meet modern safety standards. Exmore develops solutions for Cable & Wire harness production and a safe solution for your connection. We take over the warranty for a process-safe and reliable connection which will give you security. You have to deal only with one partner, which results for you in peace of mind.


    Electronics Equipment

    Wherever electronics comes into play, durable connections are required. We have been providing reliable solder connections for 20 years. Exmore develops and produces Vapor soldering systems for the worldwide electronics industries.
    The company is a pioneer in the vapor soldering market, committed to provide innovative solutions to the advantage of our customers.

  • MultiCrimp MC 500

    A precise semi-automatic strip & crimping station with multifunctionalities for crimping multicore cables and multiple single wires.more

  • Vapor Soldering System VS-500

    This compact yet versatile and powerful off-line Vapor Soldering System is capable of soldering the most complex SMT boards up to 500 x 500 mm.more

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Exmore, Experts in Mounting and Repair, is an independently owned company headquartered in Belgium. As the industry provider in precision different processing solutions, you'll be sure to find us active throughout the world.

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