High-Performance Laser Marking

Press Release
Thun, July 2018

High-Performance Laser Marking

The collaboration between the Exmore Group and Schleuniger results in a high-precision
laser marking system for all cables and wires. It’s one of the fastest and most efficient
solutions for high-performance laser marking currently available on the market.

High-performance laser marking with high-precision and reproducible markings not only guarantees an above-average end result, it is also the most economical solution for marking cables and wires in the long term. This is the reason why the Exmore Group and Schleuniger have developed an inline laser marking system in cooperation, which consists of the Exmore Laser Marking System and Schleuniger’s latest cutting and stripping machines.

The Exmore laser marking system is one of the fastest line and cable marking processes available on the market. Printing with the Exmore laser marking system does not require consumables such as ink, solvents or marking foil. Laser marking is suitable for all types of wires and cables – even those that cannot be marked with other methods.

The interaction between the laser beam and the material evaporates, engraves or colors the material, resulting in a high-contrast mark that is not removable and is resistant to water, chemicals, abrasion, heat, cold and UV radiation. The system can mark in static mode (line or cable does not move) and in dynamic mode (line or cable moves). The entire system is controlled by Schleuniger’s Cayman Wirelist Processing Software and the Cayman Device Connector add-In, and will be available from the Exmore Group as of the beginning of July.