Application Tooling

IDC tooling

Knowledge and experience

Exmore Application Tooling is the industrial leader in the design, development and support of advanced application tooling products. Exmore has a long legacy of pioneering wire harness production. From crimping a terminal onto a wire or pressing a terminal into a connector, Exmore offers a full range of equipment optimized for your production needs and budget. Our equipment and services are designed to maximize production uptime, extend tooling life, and minimize manufacturing waste. Our comprehensive capabilities and know-how in mechanic design, automation,control software and test & measurement enable us to provide state-of-the-art high performance hand tools, semi-automatic up to full-automated manufacturing systems.

Wide range of possibilities

Our engineers are not only developing standard tools and machines related to wires and connectors but also special and customized tools to help our customers in their production for all type of problems. Our strength is focused on stripping, crimping, splicing, welding, IDC, flex foil, connector loading, …

Excellent service in all phases

Exmore can help you to analyze your requests or needs and propose a tool or working method. We can design, manufacture, test and evaluate the tool or machine in our house by our engineers. Our customers are free to follow up the complete project and give their feedback during all phases.

The pictures

  1. IDC Tooling
  2. UTP_FTP Cable Insertion
  3. 2 Pole Cable Positioning
  4. Feasebility Study Cable Insertion
  5. IDC Insertion Tooling (3x)
  6. Stripping Shielded Cable
  7. 10 Pole Cable Insertion IDC
  8. Feasebility Study Cable Insertion

application tooling 1

application tooling 2