pnp applicator

An Exmore crimping tool is designed for crimping applications off multicore cables with very short stripping lengths of the outer jacket or Special applications.

The Exmore Pick & Place applicator (PnP) could process the most side feed terminals. The patented Pick & Place Tool allows the crimping off terminals with a multi-conductor cable with a very short stripping length of the outer jacket, without the influence of the space between the contacts, or the width of the terminal carrier. There is also a P&P version available that you can install on any normal crimping press, without major changes. Our double crimp tool is perfect for simultaneously crimping of two terminals.

The pneumatic feeding system guarantees an exact positioning of the contacts. Our optional Crimp Force Monitoring with 2 sensors makes an accurate and individual evaluation from left and right crimp possible. We will be happy to design you a tool for your special applications.

Range of Technologies

  • Each movement (position) controlled by Sensor
  • Pneumatic Terminal transport
  • Easy to adjust
  • Quick changeover, setup and cycle times

The pictures

  1. PnP tool for crimping of multi-core cable with short stripping length
  2. PLC for installing the Exmore PnP tool in existing presses
  3. Special tool
  4. Tool for simultaneously crimping of two contacts

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