Process multi cable sequentially

Process multi cable sequentially with Schleuniger’s bench stripping machines By now you probably have heard about the UniStrip 2300 and the RotaryStrip 2400 of Schleuniger that could strip wire until 6mm². UniStrip 2300 RotaryStrip 2400 With the latest software update it is possible to process multi cable sequentially based on a wirelist. Unistrip 2300 could […]

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NEW: Schleuniger SmartDetect

New: Schleuniger SmartDetect Detection of the smallest incision of the conductor during the stripping process SmartDetect is a highly innovative quality monitoring option. The sensor-controlled system monitors the complete stripping process and detects any contact between the stripping blade and the conductor. The function can be activated during incising and pull-off for quality assurance purposes. […]

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NEW: Zoller + Fröhlich easy options

NEW: Zoller + Fröhlich easy options   Dereeler UNIROLL With the dereeler UNIROLL cables from cable spools and boxes can easily feed the UNICUT 8. If the speed of the UNICUT 8 reduces, it guarantees an optimal handling. The maximum cross section for cables is 6mm² Usable for UNICUT 8 Manual reel holder With the reel holder you have all […]

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NEW: Scheugenpflug A-Orders DispensingCell

A-Orders DispensingCell for Thermal Management Applications The standard for thermal management materials The dispensing cell for thermal management applications has been designed for the use of thermal conductive materials and is ideal for simple dispensing processes (points, lines, potting) Advantages:                               […]

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