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Solder Paste

Your choice of Galden material determents the type of solder paste alloy that you can use.
If you are using Galden®LS200, the boiling point is 200°C and therefore the only alloys that you can use are the one with a melting point lower then 200°C. This would be the leaded alloys (SnPb)with a melting point between 183 and 188°C depending on the mix rate.

Using Galden®LS230 gives you the opportunity to use any alloy with a melting point lower then 230°C. This would be the leaded alloys (SnPb) and the tin copper silver alloys (SAC) with a melting point from 217°C.

Remark 1: The lead free alloy tin copper (SnCu) has a melting point from 227°C. Theoretically you should be able to solder this paste using a Galden®LS230 but in practice we see that the 230°C is too low to make quality solder connections. We advise to use Galden®LS240 with a boiling point of 240°C if you are using Tin copper alloys in you production.

Remark 2: Check the alloy from pre tinned components especially from BGA’s. It is possible that the alloy is tin copper (melting point 227°C) and therefore the component must be soldered using Galden®LS240 for getting quality solder joints.

The following link will show you a couple of solder pastes available.
Contact your local paste supplier for more information concerning solder paste suitable for vapor phase soldering

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