Infrared shrinking application solutions

Rotative IR 14.0007.0000

Why you should use infrared devices in your production dept ? Problems in the manufacturing due to burned insulations and inner conductors of isolated wires as well as partly quite long working times inspired us to the development of an infrared processing device. The quality and speed of the processing process stood on the highest place. Simultaneous an energy savings effect is to be registered, which favours additionally a fast amortization of the devices.

Area of IR processing application

Sliding IR 15.0034.0000

Industries: Airplane, Military, Space, Automotive, Medical

  • Adhesive-coated – and uncoated heat shrinkage hoses
  • Shielded and coaxial cable connections
  • Heat shrinkage of soldering links, endconnector and plug connectors
  • Heat shrinkage caps, marking sleeves, shaped parts, ….
  • The processing devices are applicable also as universal heat sources for drying processes etc.


  • Universal IR controller USA version ( 110 VAC )
  • Advanced IR controller incl. barcode reader for stored program selection.

Your advantages

Controler IR 15.0011.0000

  • Higher Quality
  • Defined position of the product in the IR radiation range
  • Parametering of the cycle time and the IR radiating Power
  • Operator independent
  • Adjustment security of the allowed time and IR heat
  • No blowing away and no burning of sensitive parts as e.g. with hot air
  • Better Quantity
  • Quick and energy-saving production processes
  • Purposeful, delay-free and homogeneous IR radiation
  • Ergonomical Construction
  • Noiseless processing
  • High life span of the IR emitters
  • Maintenance free
  • Process Automation
  • Interface for I/O’s control
  • Interface for external sensors

The pictures

  1. Rotatative 3 position shrinksleeve application incl. cooling
  2. 2 position (load-unload) sliding IR device for modular applications
  3. Universal IR controller with touchscreen
  4.  Mobile IR device
  5. IR table version

IR mobile devices