NEW: Schleuniger SmartDetect

New: Schleuniger SmartDetect

Detection of the smallest incision of the conductor during the stripping process

SmartDetect is a highly innovative quality monitoring option. The sensor-controlled system monitors the complete stripping process and detects any contact between the stripping blade and the conductor.

The function can be activated during incising and pull-off for quality assurance purposes.

In the configuration, the user can specify how the machine should behave when detecting a conductor contact. The conductor can either be automatically cut in pieces or the operator can determine if the wire can still be used.

Touching the conductor through the blades will cause an error message to show up on the display, additionally supported by a beep (if enabled in the configuration). Depending on the configuration settings, the wire end is automatically cut off or an error message is displayed. In this way, the operator can inspect the quality of the stripped end.

The SmartDetect software is completely integrated as standard with version V1.70 or later.

  • SmartDetect software functions are easy to understand.
  • In the event of a conductor detection, a clear error message is displayed.
  • SmartDetect constantly performs a self-check to guarantee the integrity of its performance (100% system reliability).