Process multi cable sequentially

Process multi cable sequentially with Schleuniger’s bench stripping machines

By now you probably have heard about the UniStrip 2300 and the RotaryStrip 2400 of Schleuniger that could strip wire until 6mm².

UniStrip 2300

RotaryStrip 2400

With the latest software update it is possible to process multi cable sequentially based on a wirelist.

  • Unistrip 2300 could process cable with a jacket max 5.5 mm diameter.
  • RotaryStrip 2400 could process cable with a jacket max 7 mm diameter.


You have a cable 3×0.25mm² where possibly one of the inner conductors has another finishing process (stripping length, kind of strip, shortened,…) as the other. Instead of switching between the programmed wires, you could save the complete process of each wire of a cable using a wire list.

When you add a wire list you have the possibility to add already programmed wires into this list. Once the wires are added you could:

  • Determine the sequence of the process (red circle)
  • Set the amount of a wire you would like to produce (blue circle)
  • Assign color(s) to a wire so the sequence of operation is more clear for the operator



For a free software update or more information about the wire list, please contact:

Bart Van Biesen:

Dennis Slachmuylders: