Exmore VS-500

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  • VS-500

    Vapor Phase Soldering machineweb-Exmore-VS500-detail-1

    Decrease your ecological footprint with the VS-500 Concept. This compact yet versatile and powerful off-line Vapor Soldering System is capable of soldering the most complex SMT boards up to 500 x 500 mm. Every PCB will be soldered with the highest achievable quality due to: The inert atmosphere created from the used medium Incomparable delta T across the board. No operator errors possible.
    • Error free soldering
    • De-soldering of components
    • Repair
    • Soldering Pb-free paste
    • Soldering Pb-containing paste
    • Glue soldering
     Customer benefitExmore VS500 inside
    • Solder profile setup (open loop)
    • Process setup is virtually eliminated
    • No operator errors possible
    • Completely different boards can be soldered in the same batch
    • Both Pb-free and Pb-containing boards can be soldered in the same batch
    • No damage to boards or components
    • First pass guaranteed
    • Very low energy consumption in operation, almost none during standby
    • No exhaust for the vapors needed
    • Reduced maintenance time due to simple and easy maintenance
    • Easy troubleshooting due to service module
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)830x775x1140
    Max board dimensions500x500x60
    Max load2kg
    Electrical connectionsStandard 3x400V+N/50H, US Single phase  220V - 25A
    Installed power7,5KW
    Medium content5 kg