Giebler LINDOS

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    Three-axis linear unit for LED strip dispensing

    The LIN-DOS S is a three-axis linear unit for automatically casting bars, particularly LED light bars, together with the 2-K-DOS and 2-K-MiniDOS mixing and dispensing units. The device comprises a rail which represents the X-axis on which a wagon that carries the mixing and dispensing devices moves. An arm that is mounted on the wagon and that can move in the Y-axis and Z-axis carries the dispensing device's dispensing head.
    The wagon's speed and the travel and dispensing routes or points are programmed and operated with a menu-driven touch panel. A number of LED bars lying parallel to the X-axis and next to one another can consequently be automatically sealed. The LIN-DOS S regulates the dispensing. The wagon's speed and the dispensing rate can be finely tuned to each other.
    The LIN-DOS S can optionally be equipped with a double-wagon for 2 dispensing units. When combined with the 4-K adapter, the LIN-DOS S can then dispense up to 3 different mixtures, e.g., mixtures with different scattering or opacifying filling materials for LED bars.
  • Max. dispensing routeX
    Y30, 50 cm
    Z110 mm
    LengthDispensing route X + 60 cm
    WidthDispensing route Y + 60 cm
    Height50 cm
    Transport speed0.5 – 90 mm/sec.
    WeightDepending on length, for 3 m approx. 100 kg
    Line voltage94 – 264 V, 50 – 60 Hz
    Power consumption150 VA
    Mark of conformityCE