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  • Protecto XP

    Coating system

    Selective Conformal Coating - Protective coating of electrical components

    The new Protecto coating system was developed to satisfy your demands for highest quality, stability and productivity for automatic in-line coating tasks.

    Particular emphasis is placed on maintainability, intuitive programme configuration and ultra-flexible equipment that can be adapted to customer requirements.

    The patented Stream-Coat® nozzles measuring up to 100 mm long and only 2.4 mm thick enable a protective coating between tightly packed, tall components. This means expensive and time-consuming manual re-coating is a thing of the past.

    Furthermore, different application methods such as dispensing, spraying or jetting can be achieved "on the fly", without changing the applicator and without splatters. Even areas under components can be coated using the connectible manifold cut-out on the Stream Coat® nozzles. The manifold cut-out does this by pushing the coating material under the component. Up to four different, selective coating tasks can be performed effortlessly with up to four coating applicators in multiple applications.

    Unique technology benefits
    • Multifunctional coating application: jetting, dispensing and spraying
    • Greatest possible process reliability
    • Up to 4 heatable nozzles
    • Highest coating accuracy
    • All-in-one lacquering
    • Selective coating
    • Long-lasting fault-free lacquering
    • Minimal maintenance required
    • Also available as a production line concept consisting of a Protecto dispenser and RDS lacquer dryer
    • Quick, intuitive programming with dependable software tools
    • Flexible lacquering options thanks to multifunctional lacquer applicator
    Innovative Protecto Stream-Coat® technology
    Thanks to Protecto you can achieve previously inconceivable application processes in your manufacturing.

    The selective application process - Stream-Coat® - used in the system offers optimal coating conditions according to the requirements of the assemblies to be coated. The new process impresses with its innovative nozzle shape. An external diameter of just 2.5 mm with a length of up to 100mm makes it possible to coat between tightly packed, tall components or even under the components themselves. An implicit air nozzle precisely dispenses the coating and distributes it without creating splatters or mist. The homogeneous film of coating can even be applied behind adjacent component pins and in shadow zones. Repeated overruns or costly, mechanical tilting of the nozzles is not necessary.

    All-In-One Coating – Spraying, Dispensing, Jetting

    Coating unit

    The Stream-Coat® nozzles are compatible with all conventional coatings, from low-viscosity to high-viscosity coatings. Despite the small external diameter, a relatively large outlet prevents rapid clogging caused by dirt particles or viscous coatings. The volume of coating is automatically adjusted to the travel speed of the assembly in the system, guaranteeing homogeneous application every time.

    A jetting valve also enables precise application of the coating by rapidly opening and closing the outlet. Thanks to the combination of the Stream-Coat® nozzles and the jetting valve, coatings can be applied extremely selectively with millimetre-precision. You can also switch between spraying, jetting and dispensing "on the fly" without having to change the nozzles each time.

    Diaphragm valve
    • Application methods: Dispensing, Spraying
    • Coating width: 2 -12 mm
    • Nozzle width: 2,4 mm
    • Maximum component height: 100 mm
    • Angle with a rotation unit: ± 180 °
    Jetting valve
    • Application methods: Dispensing, Spraying, Jetting
    • Coating width: 0,5 -12 mm
    • Nozzle width: 2,4 mm
    • Maximum component height: 100 mm
    Curtain valve
    • Application methods: Curtain Coating
    • Coating width: 5 -40 mm
    • Nozzle width: 18 mm
    • Maximum component height: 70 mm
    • Angle with a rotation unit: 90 °

    Line concepts

    A strong team: Selective Conformal Coating Line

    You would like to combine optimal coating solutions and reliable drying methods? Our conformal coating concept, which consists of the Protector-dispenser and an RDS coating dryer, including handling based on customer specification, is a turnkey solution for the selective conformal coating process. Thanks to innovative ideas and outstanding expertise in mechanical engineering, Rehm has successfully launched a pioneering concept for selective conformal coating. This state of the art equipment is optimally equipped for complex process requirements.

    Thanks to ultra efficient and highly accurate coating technologies, the selective conformal coating line can be used for all coating applications and is available with a wide range of handling variations. The RDS Drying System is suitable for drying and hardening all conventional coatings.

    Selective Conformal Coating Line - for flexible and safe production!

    Standard Line Concept
    Line Concept with under-floor return transport

    Additional equipment

    RDS Vac

    The ideal complement to Protecto for the underfill process!

    RDS pre-heating system
    with UV- or Infrared-Radiators


    Highest possible process reliability for coating processes

    Optimal coating result

    When it comes to coating, one thing is essential: precision. Our systems are optimally designed for precise coating processes and meet the highest processing requirements.

    Protecto is designed to ensure that the required volume of coating is always evenly applied, whether through pressure valve, cartridge or pump from the original binding. The optimal dosing is controlled by software with digital manometer display. This means that different coating speeds are not a problem because automatic volume regulation can be retrieved via the pressure control at any time. Optional, heatable nozzles can achieve excellent coating results, regardless of the ambient temperature.

    Different coating - different board sizes?

    lacquer lance

    zero point detection

    Coating lance

    If you would like to use different coating materials during the process, our system features a specially-developed coating lance. This prevents blistering, and achieves optimal coating results. Our system is also available with material holder with level indicator and coating volume measurement.

    Zero point detection

    Would you like to coat assemblies of different sizes? Protecto features zero point detection with automatic adjustment, even when changing assembly types. The system is also checked after each manual stop and/or after predetermined cycles. Coating errors are almost completely eliminated thanks to an automatic nozzle skew detector.

    Long-term failure free coating

    big lacquer cartridge

    small lacquer cartridge

    Maximise the service life of your products with high-quality protective coatings. Rehm offers innovative equipment with Protecto. Our systems are ideal for processing all conventional coatings such as:

    • polyurethane resins
    • acrylic resins
    • epoxy resins
    • acrylate
    • silicone compounds
    • Multi-touch monitor
    • Keyboard and mouse support
    • Online or offline programming
    • Intuitive, step-by-step user interface
    • Highly flexible - all designs with one software
    • Programming directly on background image
    • Language setting
    • Rights management
    • MES-connection
    • Traceability
    Highest flexibility for coating assemblies

    Flexible handling varieties for your conformal coating process

    Individual handling varieties

    The handling can be adjusted to the requirements of your line, from a turning station and test station, to a loading or unloading station. An under-floor return transport for goods carriers can also be integrated at any time.

    Advantages for your production
    • Loading systems with workpiece carrier under-floor return transport available on request
    • Manual mounting station
    • Unloading system (multiple magazines)
    • Test station with black light
    • Buffer system
    • Rotation and turning station
    • Transport system
    • Lift station
    Full power with Protecto and RDS Coating Dryer in the line concept

    You can make your production faster and more efficiently by combining the Protecto dispenser and coating dryer. Our RDS coating dryers are suitable for processing all conventional coatings for protecting printed circuit boards and complete units.

    All heating chambers are equipped with high-performance IR radiators. The heating base of all IR radiators can also be equipped with glass covers to protect against contamination and to improve cleaning. This reduces the maintenance required and considerably increases the service life of the radiator. The hardening is also supported by central convection heating. The volume flow can be pre-set by zone here.

  • DRIVE SYSTEM3-axis system with CFRP arms and closed-loop servo motors
    X-Y speed1 m/s
    X-Y acceleration10 m/s²
    Z speed0,25 m/s
    Z acceleration2,5 m/s²
    X positioning resolution10 µm
    Y positioning resolution4 µm
    Z positioning resolution0.25 µm
    X-Y repeat accuracy± 20 µm
    Z repeat accuracy± 10 µm
    LACQUER SUPPLYDispensing pump, Bubble-free container change via special lacquer lance , Pressure-regulated cartridge holders 2K materials
    TRANSPORT SYSTEMInline chain transport system with support of 5 mm respectively (optionally 3 mm), assembly clamping via transport chain
    Width adjustment80 – 508 mm
    Max. circuit board weight5 kg/m
    Max. component height± 100 mm
    Prepared underfloor return transport(further transport systems available on request)
    WORK AREAAccessible to every lacquer applicator
    With 4 lacquer applicators350 x 508 mm
    With 1 lacquer applicator620 x 508 mm
    Max. work area890 x 508 mm