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  • DesktopCell

    Compact and optimised for simple gluing and dispensing tasks

    The DesktopCell is a compact, integrated solution for small to medium-sized batches and for prototype production. It unites all the advantages of a fully fledged dispensing cell and a small footprint. The functionalities of the SCP 200+ control unit are extensive, allowing to intuitively control the cell via touch screen. All information about the different metering and dispensing programs is directly programmed on the unit and stored there as well. The control unit communicates with the material feeding unit and controls both the dispenser and the high-precision 3-axis system with precision spindles. No matter what the application, be it dot dispensing, applying of lines or beads, or filling processes, all metering and dispensing tasks are perfectly reproducible. If there are more complex tasks to handle and the compact desktop system is still big enough for the job, it is possible to switch to a CNC-enabled Beckhoff control unit with UVISnano visualisation.  
    The dispensing cell is typically used for:
    • Simple dispensing tasks
    • Dot and line dispensing, filling of work pieces under atmospheric pressure
    • Applying of thermally conductive pastes
    Features of the dispensing cell:
    • XYZ axis system with encoder
    • Cell with workpiece table
    • Microcomputer controller with SCP200+ visualisation
    • Waste cup position for purging
    • Protection housing and light curtain (optional, mandatory for CE)
    • ESD equipment (optional)
    • Console/table (optional)
    • Lubrication kit (optional)
    Possible uses and configurations:
    • Metering Unit Dos P016 (1C 1 nozzle and 2C 1 nozzle) Dos GP (1C 1 nozzle)
    • Material feeding, preparation A90 C (20 oz max) A90 A220 and A280 A310
  • W x D x H880 x 1165 x 1400 mm (with housing)
    Power supply100 ... 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
    Movement rangesX-axis 500 mm
    Y-axis 500 mm
    Z-axis 300 mm