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    Manual work stations

    The easy, economic and reliable entry-level solution that offers more

    The Dos manual work stations consist of modules of various performance scopes, which can be easily adapted to the process requirements and can be flexibly extended. Combining material preparation units and feeding systems with metering and dispensing systems is possible without limitations. The result is always an integrated high-performance dispensing work station. A perfectly tuned system is more efficient than stand-alone solutions, because in this case material preparation, mixing, metering and dispensing are all perfectly matched both to one another and to the medium. Basic models include a material preparation or feeding unit and a metering and dispensing unit on a stand. Controls for the dispensing system are already fully integrated. The preparation, feeding and dispensing processes are end-to-end designed by a single provider. At manual work places the entire system is conveniently started with a foot switch.
    Further information:
    Systems which include a dispenser and material preparation/feeding units are generally highly flexible. They are not only available as manual work stations with a table stand. They can be easily modified into an automated stand-alone system. Integration in existing production systems or assembly lines is also easy. Standardized, documented interfaces significantly reduce the costly programming normally required. And even more importantly, the metering, dispensing and preparation process remains in the hands of specialists.
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