Schleuniger S.WOP Software

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  • S.WOP

    S.oftware for Wire Optimized Production

    The software solution S.WOP takes over the planning and monitoring of all wire processing machines. S.WOP extracts data from the order management system (e.g. ERP) and compiles consistent orders. These are grouped according to the best workflow principle and assigned to individual machines. In particular this enables clients with various order volumes and small batch sizes to produce more efficiently and to have access to relevant production- and machine data.
    Your benefits
    Administration work and intermediate storage are reduced by S.WOP. Even surpluses are eliminated due to demand-driven manufacturing. Raw material and machine capacities are used to their optimum capacities. Bar code scanning has consigned set-up errors to history. By process control users are encouraged to capture measurement values according to specified rules and to adhere to tolerances. Tooling maintenance thresholds are also monitored.
    • Process transparency
    • Low paper production
    • Production monitoring
    • Reduced lead times
    • Increased productivity
  • System RequirementsSoftware from Schleuniger can be easily integrated into the existing IT environment. The requirements are in line with normal industrial standards. The technical basis is Windows 7 or higher and a TCP/IP network.