Schleuniger ShieldCut 8100

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  • ShieldCut 8100

    Stripping Machine

    Unrivaled flexibility for cable shield cutting
    The ShieldCut 8100 is an unrivaled and flexible semi-automatic machine to cut the braided shielding of round and out-of-round cables. The machine is controlled over a color touchscreen that is easy to use. The intuitive menu guidance guarantees short training times and minimizes input errors. All the production data can be saved and retrieved at any time.
    A rotating brush combs out the braided shield strands. Subsequently the shield strands are cleanly cut between a rotating blade and a fixed blade.
    The supplied standard guide set enables a wide range of cable diameters to be processed. The clamping jaws and blades are universal and do not have to be changed for different cable sizes.
    The ShieldCut 8100 is equipped with reliable drives and high-performance control software for repeatable, high-quality results that cannot be achieved with manual shield processing.
    The machine is equipped with a high-definition 7-inch color touchscreen. The user Interface is clearly arranged and features symbols that are easily understood.
    • Shielded Cables
    Processing Capabilities
    • Shielded Cable Applications
  • Maximum Cable Diameter9 mm (0.35“)
    Minimum Cable Diameter2 mm (0.07“)
    Maximum Shield Cut Length120 mm (4.72“)
    Minimum Shield Cut Length10 mm (0.39“)
    Minimum Distance from Jacket to Shield1.5 mm (0.06“)
    Cycle Time> 3s
    (depending of cable type and shield cut length)
    Program Capacity1‘000 cable
    Interfaces2 x USB «Host» Pedal
    Noise Level< 70 db (A)
    Power Supply100/115 VAC, 230/240 VAC, 150 VA, 50/60Hz
    Dimensions (L x W x H)600 x 220 x 360 mm
    Weight18 kg
    CE–ConformityShieldCut 8100 complies fully with all CE and EMC equipment guidelines