Ulmer SM 15 2PLC

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  • SM 15 2PLC

    Universal cutting machine

    The extremely reliable and solid universal cutting machines of the SM 15-series has been designed to process a wide range of different materials. By use of the appropriate accessories, materials such as PVC hoses, textile tubes, rubber, cable, ribbon cables, wire, strands, ropes, felt materials, foils, textiles, leather, materials of the medical field and further more can be processed. There are three types of cutting tools available, as there are:

    • punching cut for hoses, foamed rubber cords and sealing profiles
    • shearing cut for cables, ribbon cables, strands, shrinkable tubes etc.
    • tube cut for diverse tube materials  Optionally, there’s a cutting head for the SM 15 2/PE for mitre cutting available.

    In order to process extremely wide materials or for multi-lane-cutting, the SM 30-series has been designed. With a maximum-throughput-width of 300 mm, the SM 30 offers an excellent cutting machine technology in the field of foils and multi-lane-cutting.

    The infeed side guides can be adjusted to the material width. The guides are available in different designs.

  • drive motorservo
    speed1.0 m/sec
    length650 mm
    depth410 mm
    height570 mm
    control panelmembrane keyboard
    operating hours and counterincluded
    stop at end of materialincluded
    lenght setting0.1 mm steps
    max lenght input999.999 mm
    throughput heightround material up to 28 mm in the center of the machine
    Throughput height across the entire machine width15 mm
    Upper belt liftPneumatic
    Compressed air supply6 bar / 87psi
    Power supply230 V / 50-60 Hz
    Cutter strokepneumatic
    Air consumption (liter per cutter stroke)3.35
    Weight65 kg