Vapor Phase Soldering

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Wherever electronics comes into play, durable connections are required. We have been providing reliable solder connections for 20 years. Two factors are decisive in this regard, our Belgium precision and a gentle treatment of both the sensitive components and PCBs.

Exmore develops and produces Vapor soldering systems for the worldwide electronics industries. We are a pioneer in the vapor soldering market, committed to providing innovative solutions to the advantage of our customers.

We owe this success to all our customers, our distributors and our business partners.

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Vapor Soldering VS-500

This compact yet versatile and powerful off-line Vapor Soldering System is capable of soldering the most complex SMT boards up to 500 x 500 mm. Every PCB will be soldered with the highest achievable quality.

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Your advantages

    • Inert atmosphere without using nitrogen
    • Reduced medium consumption by a unique Vapor Recovery System
    • Large board size up to 500×500 mm with a small footprint
    • Quick R.O.I.
    • Repeatable and predictable temperature profile
    • Incomparable Delta T acrros the entire working area
    • Low voiding due to the exmore VS-500 concept


CIF,  located 240 rue Hélène Boucher 78530 BUC France recently acquired the vapor phase division of Exmore.

For more information about a local distributor contact CIF directly at +33 1 3966 9683, by email at and on the website

Service & Support

For sales after January 2020 contact CIF directly at +33 1 3966 9683, by email at and on the website