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About us


Komax Belgium nv is a worldwide player in the field of cable & wire and connection technology.

The company’s activity is focused on the development and manufacturing of system modules and complete systems for the different production processes for the Cable and Wire manufacturing industry. Based on years of cooperation with leading customers in the cable harness industry, companies in the electro technical and electronic industry, we were specializing ourselves the last couple of years in the development and manufacturing of automatic and semi-automatic solutions and assembly systems, tools and fixtures for the cable connectivity industry. Our strengths are not just within the range of developing standard solutions. Individual and for every customer solutions tuned to his needs are representative for our abilities. Our company is showing since then a substantial growth of its market share on both the European and the international market.


Our product basket shows a broad customer oriented program of modules for the Connection Technology industry such as multi-crimping-, multi splicing, resistance welding, soldering- and assembling technique, and customer specific systems. Out of these modules and based on a customer specification we can build fully automatic Lead frame assembly lines. We are offering you a wide variety of products and solutions perfectly matching with your demands.


Komax Belgium nv is highly specialized in the development and implementation of projects regarding automation in the cable processing industry. Based on customer requirements, we develop customized solutions for semi and full automatic manufacturing of demanding applications that add value to the overall process and thereby optimize profitability.
Professional project management and careful handling of confidential data are self-evident for us. Service in the vicinity of the customer complete our range. International customers appraise the quality of our customized solutions. Highly qualified staff are the basis of our success.
Processing of loose or banded contacts, single or multiple part housings, single or multiple cables, crimping, welding, integration of special processes, quality checks, material feed and stacking. For many other applications, we provide fully automated or semi-automatic solutions.