The Exmore benchtop strip-crimp presses are designed for the production of single wires and multi-core cables. The process is started by pushing the jacket of a multi-core cable or the wire end of a single wire against a start sensor. This ensures accurate positioning of the cable or wire to meet even the smallest length tolerances.

These crimping presses are outstanding in terms of short cycle times, short changeover and setup times. The “patent pending” drive system ensures short cycle time with a long crimping time. Most of the presses crimp only for 40 ms. (time that the press is in LDP). The Exmore Press crimps 200 ms, which is 5x longer, and the springback effect of e.g. steel contacts is massively reduced. Even with the crimping of smaller terminals the press will give longer lasting advantages.

Our drive system ensures stable CMK values and a low-noise operation. The optional crimp force monitor, which is connected to the press, analyses the force graphs to ensure high quality crimp connection between terminal and wire.


■ Servo-controlled stripping station
■ Good/bad sorting
■ Integrated crimp force analysis
■ Active quality monitoring even during setup
■ Quick changeover, setup and cycle times
■ Logging of machine and proces parameters
■ Intuitive & easy-to-use touchscreen interface
■ Wire remains in the same position during whole processing cycle


■ Short jacket stripping length
■ Bad piece cutter
■ Paper winder
■ Strip chopper
■ CFM (Crimp-Force-Monitoring)
■ Integrated PT
■ Integrated CHM
■ Table
■ Barcode scanner
■ Split-cycle
■ Passive oiler


■ Modular system concept for the highest flexibility
■ Use programming through macro instructions
■ User instructions and programming through touchscreen
■ Visualization (graphical display)


■ Visualization through touch screen
■ Interface: Serial, Ethernet, USB

Technical data

Crimping force20 kN
Motor Power0.75 kW
Drivefrequency controlled drive motor
Mains voltage230 V, 1 ~ / N / PE, 50/60 Hz
Cross-sectional areaup to 6 mm² (10 AWG)
Stroke40 mm
Shut height135.78 mm
Cycle time6.5 s
Sound level< 70 dB (A)