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Wire XXL

Design and function

The machine is designed to produce two pin connector cables. Conductors from a multi-core cable are first stripped by a strip unit. A press then makes crimp connections between the conductors and terminals using a double crimp applicator. Finally an assembly unit will insert the crimped wire-ends into a connector. After assembling, the products are automatically sorted into bad or good products by the take-out clamp.

Machine typeWire XXL Transferplatform
ProcessStrip, Crimp, Assembly
ModulesStrip unit, Press, Assembly unit, Component feeder (bowl & linear feeder), Take-out clamp
QualityPolarity control (detection camera), Crimp force monitor (CFM), Visual crimp inspection (camera), Insertion depth, Bad product sorting (take-out clamp)
Cable transportTransfer system
Safety featuresTower indication light, Light curtain, Emergency stop, Process indication light, Safety doors.