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Wire XXL

Design and function

The machine is designed to produce M12 sensor connector cables. Conductors from a multi-core cable are first stripped by a strip unit. A press then makes crimp connections between the conductors and terminals using a pick and place applicator. Finally an assembly unit will insert the crimped wire-ends into a connector plug and position the locking ring over the connector plug. After assembly a cobot will transfer the product to a low pressure moulding unit.

Machine typeWire XXL
ProcessStrip, Crimp, Assembly, Mould
ModulesStrip unit, Press (centre press), Assembly unit, Component feeder (robot), Transfer unit (Cobot), Moulding unit
QualityPolarity control (vision sensor), Strip inspection (wire scan), Crimp force monitor (CFM), Automatic crimp height meter (auto CHM), Insertion depth (vision sensor)
Cable transportLinear cable clamp, Cobot
Safety featuresLight curtain, Emergency stop, Indication light, Safety doors.
OptionsContact oiler