Wire XL


On the powerful Wire-XL /Wire-XXL transferplatform, wire processing can be fully automated as a customer-specific process.

This platform is designed for high volumes in the automotive, industrial and aerospace sectors and covers the full range of infotainment, sensor and safety applications.

It is designed to be scalable and the machine length is adaptable. The modular approach allows the integration of an abundance of reliable process modules and customer-specific elements.

The Wire-XL /Wire-XXL transferplatform meets the toughest requirements while helping to achieve important reductions in project throughput time. In addition, it delivers unsurpassed productivity and lives up to the highest quality expectations.

A variety of processes

The Wire-XL / Wire-XXL can be equipped with a wide variety of modules for the following processes: Stripping multi-conductor cable, crimping of contacts and sensors, compacting, welding, fluxing, soldering, splicing, housing insertion, etc.

Various modules are also available for quality control, such as crimpheight measurement, polarity control, colour detection, crimpforce monitoring, pullforce measurement, camera, insertion force, insertion depth, etc.

Customer-Specific Platform for maximum performance

Modular, fully automatic and standardized

The Wire-XL /Wire-XXL transferplatform is the ideal platform for fully automatic customer-specific wire processing. It meets the toughest requirements with maximum performance to achieve high volumes. It has an enormous breadth of application and allows various types of cables to be processed. With its modular design, the platform structure can be augmented cost-effectively with processing modules and expanded without major modifications. The Wire-XL / Wire-XXL transferplatform allows optimum processing requiring minimal project throughput time. The system can be equipped with various crimping machines, assembly processing modules and testing stations.

End-to-end wire transfer

The entire process runs fully automatically based on a clocked drive approach. The drive transports the wire through the system and approaches the individual processing modules. It can be run by a single employee with cable-feed and monitoring function. The cycle time of the machine is controlled by various parameters.

Top quality thanks to reliable technology

With the many standard modules and elements incorporated in it, the Wire-XL / Wire-XXL transferplatform delivers top quality as a customer-specific system. Many processing stations are standardized.

Workflow-controlled software

Thanks to workflow controlled software, the operation can be learned in no time at all. The orientation phase is extremely short and expertise is easy to share with different individuals. The teach-in of machine stations is software supported and involves a handful of samples over a defined calibration process.

Clear-cut user information

Operation is intuitive, so the user is guided via the touchscreen conveniently and in a clearly defined manner through the processing steps. The operating mode and status of the machine are indicated on the control panel and by an LED signal light. That means it is easy to tell from afar how the machine is being used.

Process reliability from start to finish

From configuration → to settings → to recipe → via fine recipe → to production → to error management.

Easy-to-edit authorizations

Using the touchscreen, the operator can create different user groups with varying authorizations. The parameters for a processing station are simple to edit and can be fine-tuned to the category of operation involved.

Integrative and scalable

It is easy to integrate existing modules as well as equipment from other companies. Ready accessibility shortens installation time while simplifying maintenance.