The Exmore Infrared Rotary Shrink Device is an Infrared Shrinking Solution to process multiple products in a continuous controlled process, with heating and cooling.

On the carrousel are 4 positions to insert a product. Each product can have multiple shrinking sleeves along the length of the cable to be shrunk by the multiple emitter zones (e.g.: there are 3 zones of 60mm shown in the picture). Each emitter zone has its own cooling ventilator.

The cables or wires are mounted in the custom-made product fixtures on the carousel, allowing an optimized alignment or positioning of the shrink sleeve.

By turning the carousel by 90 degrees, the shrinking process of one (or more) Infrared zones, will be activated.

The operator can load the next product on the 2nd position on the carousel. After finishing the 1st shrink, the operator can turn the carousel to the next position, where the 2nd position on the carousel will be shrunk. The same will be done for the 3th and 4th position.

The ventilator(s) will cool down the sleeves after the heating process, when the carousel is turned to the next position. In the next phase the operator will unload the first loaded product and reload the next product. This is how you get a continuous production process.

Infrared output and shrinkage time can be set at the controller, avoiding overheating and ensuring reproducibility. The Infrared processing appliance allows efficient and reliable processing of the following components:

■ Heat shrink tubing
■ Adhesive coated heat shrinking tubes
■ Label sleeves
■ Solder sleeves
■ Heat shrinkage caps
■ Related heat-shrink materials and products

An additional Infrared Digital Control Unit IRDC-2000 is required to operate the processing appliance.