The newest Exmore IR Digital Control Unit, is a digital controller with ergonomic design and a clear display with touchscreen, for controlling the Exmore Infrared appliances.

For applications where it is convenient to use 1 controller to control 2 infrared units, we can offer the 2-channel version. Both versions can also be operated via a PC, tablet or smartphone.

■ Software-controlled controller with touchscreen display.
■ Unlimited number of programs.
■ Free to choose the name of the programs.
■ Operation possible via PC, tablet or smartphone.
■ Try-out parameters in test mode.
■ Operator and manager access rights
■ Possibility to program sequences.
■ Creation of a database of products for easy programming of work orders.
■ Generate and assign work orders to operator.
■ Monitor production status.
■ Statistics and maintenance control.
■ Connection for barcode scanner, RFID


IRDC-2000-1: IR Digital Control Unit – 1 Channel
IRDC-2000-2: IR Digital Control Unit – 2 Channel


Foot pedal: Foot pedal switch
Barcode reader: Barcode reader for advanced IR Digital Control Unit
Cordless barcode reader: Cordless barcode reader for advanced IR Digital Control Unit

Technical data

Power supply110-230VAC, 50-60Hz
Power consumption10W (w/o Infrared Unit)

Connecting load

1 Channel2.300 W/Ch1.100 W/Ch
2 Channel1.150 W/Ch550 W/Ch