The Exmore Infrared Multi Shrink Device is an Infrared (IR) processing device to process multiple shrinking sleeves simultaneously. The cables are mounted in the custom-made product fixtures that are easy and quick to change, which gives the Multi Shrink Device a wide range of applications.

Infrared output and shrinkage time can be set via the controller, avoiding overheating and ensuring reproducibility.

While the operator loads the machine on one side, the shrinkage is carried out on the other side. After shrinking the first side, the operator manually slides the emitter unit to the other side and this side will shrink. The operator can unload and reload the first side. This is how you get a continuous production process.

The Infrared processing appliance allows efficient and reliable processing of the following components:

■ Heat shrink tubing
■ Adhesive coated heat shrinking tubes
■ Label sleeves
■ Solder sleeves
■ Heat shrinkage caps
■ Related heat-shrink materials and products

An additional Infrared Digital Control Unit IRDC-2000 is required to operate the processing appliance.

Standard M-holders are included.

The custom- made product fixtures (set of left and right fixtures) must be ordered separately. See options.


■ IR lamp cable 0.5 m
■ IR lamp cable 2 m
■ Trigger cable 0.5 m
■ Trigger cable 2 m
■ Monitor holder
■ Custom-made product fixtures


Dim. (LxWxH)mm600x490x280
Weight22 kg
Shrinking Zone (L/R)170 mm
Emitters2 x 170 mm
Power [W]1.200

Technical data

Protection typeIP40
Protection classI
Identification approvalCE
Thermal safetyClass 0
Ambient temperature range0-40 C°
Ambient humidity range15 – 85% r.h.
Estimated life of the IR radiant element5000 h