Laser Marking

In-Line Wire and Cable Laser Marking Solution

Laser marking is one of the fastest marking processes available in the market, without usage of additives e.g. ink or any other undesirable substance.

The laser beam does not wear, it produces a highly accurate, repeatable marking time after time. Laser marking is therefore the most economical solution when wires or cables must be identified.


Marking Versatility: Text, logos, barcodes, time, date, and even sequencing serial numbers for each wire.

In-line Integration, Decreases Handling and Increases Efficiency: Cables are automatically positioned and lasered thereby eliminating placement errors and reducing labor costs


■ Ergonomic laser marking workstation.
■ Vertical slide door for easy access.
■ Easy to use with minimal setup requirements.
■ Static and on the fly wire marking

On the fly marking

Static marking


The interaction between laser beam and material evaporates, engraves or colours the material giving the material an extreme contrast mark that is not removable. (resistant against e.g. water, chemicals, mechanical wear, heat, hold and UV radiation).

■ Very accurate
■ Readability: high resolution, extreme contrast
■ Low heat conduction.

Technical data

ApplicationsWire & cables with different insulation such as Teflon – PVC – PUR etc.
Cable outer diameter2 – 16 mm (larger diameters on request)
Labeling typesend, continuous, others
Minimum wire lengthupon cut and strip machine
Minimum distance to end of wireone strip length
Weight983 mm x 600 mm x 892 mm
Dimensions5000 h
Processordual processor
Laser Power20 W (standard fiber laser), also 30 and 50 Watt available
Lenslens 100 mm
CommunicationTCP / IP
Internal lightled with dimmer switch
Required power supply110V – 230VAC 50/60Hz 600VA
Coolingair cooled
Font typesLaser Font, True Type Font, Crystal Font, Open Type Font, Laser Font
extended, Crystal Font extended, Free Type Font
Supported filesArticle list files (.cwl) and Cayman 6 (.cay) CSWIN ASCII import files (*.txt)
BarcodesEAN128C, EXT-2 (=EAN-2), EXT-5 (=EAN-5),
2D codesdata matrix, QR-codes (square and rectangular)
Important noteExmore recommends that wire samples be submitted in cases where there is doubt as to the processing capabilities of a machine
Other available laser typesGreen, UV, CO2, YAG, SMOPA or Hybrid and Ultra High Speed Fiber lasers, optional with 3D marking head