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Precision crimp height measurement device for verification of non-insulated crimp terminals. The CHM can be used as a stand-alone device or integrated into the Komax machines* for quality verification.

The device consists of an anvil to support the crimp and a descending measuring tip on a dial gauge to determine the height of the crimp. A spring-loaded lamella in the center of the anvil ensures the exact positioning of the terminal. This centering aid minimizes operator-induced errors and guarantees correct measurement of the crimp height.

The integrated camera and LED illumination provide a clear view of the work area while positioning the terminal. These components can be controlled using the software tool included in the delivery. The software provides full access to the device, enabling the user to configure the virtual keyboard and buttons, take snapshots of the work area and control the lighting.

Technical data

Mains voltage5 V
Measurement range0 – 10 mm (0 – 0.39 in)
Measuring force≤ 2 N
Resolution0.001 mm (0.00005 in)
Data transmissionUSB
Dial gauge batterySR44
Dimensions W X D X H98 x 90 x 248 mm (3.86 x 3.54 x 9.76 in)
WeightApprox. 1.5 kg
Compatible with*Wire XL, BT-SC and BT-2H


■ Tool set: Anvil 1.0mm (0.0394 in) & Measuring tip 0.8mm (0.0315 in)


■ Spring loaded “patented” centering guide
■ Image camera
■ Illuminated work area
■ High measuring resolution: 0.001 mm (0.00005 in)
■ Ergonomically designed
■ Fully integratable in existing Komax machines*