The flexible Exmore splicing machines make it possible to manufacture perfect and efficient connections. In one processing step the necessary piece of the continuous splice band is cut off without waste, the cut piece is formed and the connecting components are crimped to a durable and reliable crimping connection using the preformed piece of the splice band. These splice bands are made in a wide range of materials/alloys, sizes and profiles.

The Exmore Splicing machines offer a variety of applications with the highest degree of quality and flexibility that are required today, e.g. in the automotive industry, household equipment industry, sensor processing, etc.

A Splice connection is very fast in processing and therefore a cost efficient connecting element. With the identical splice band the most diverse connections can be produced by a suitable tool. The storage costs for consumables are thereby noticeably lowered. There are several crimping technologies on the market; however splicing technology stands out for its ease of use.. On top of that, splicing allows a space-saving connection in view of the further miniaturization of the components such as heating elements and thermocouples, sensors and displays.


■ 7” touchscreen (movable)
■ Servo Motor Drive technology
■ Precise, electrically driven splice band feeder
■ Basic Software with optional modular features, easy programming
■ Precise automatic splice height adjustment – in steps of 0.02 mm
■ Prepared for installation of CFM, software and hardware
■ Operation voltage 230VAC and 110VAC
■ Ready to integrate in automatic lines / IO-interface including safety features
■ LED illuminated work area
■ Cycle Time: 0.3 sec.
■ CE Conformity


■ Selection for several tool sizes and applications by software
■ Sequential splicing
■ Visual positioning feature
■ Camera view work position
■ Integrated CFM (Crimp-Force-Monitoring) with sequences
■ Automatic splice height adjustment through display
■ Automatic band length adjustment through display
■ Possibility to save machine settings
■ Check of correct splice band, tooling, crimp height, pull-out force, etc.
■ Input via manual settings, barcode reader or LAN
■ RFID or networked devices like Pull-Force Tester and CHM Device
■ Oil dispensing unit with low-level alarm
■ Detection of splice band end
■ Service interface (Ethernet) also for statistic values
■ Barcode and RFID
■ Interface for CHM (Crimp-Height-Measurement) and Pull-Force Tester
■ Interface to HMI


Produced in a variety of material options and sizes, splice band offers greater reliability than soldering with faster throughput.

We provide a multitude of splice bands deliverable in different materials/alloys, with different dimensions in width and thickness.

Widths: 2, 4 or 6 mm.
Thicknesses: 0.20 – 0.50 mm.
Alloys: Brass untreated, Brass tin plated, Copper-Nickel alloy (CuNi9Sn2), Tin bronze, Stainless steel etc. (Special alloys are available on request)
Pcs./Spool: The minimum quantity of connections is between 20,000 and 150,000